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March 16, 2015

Five Qualities You Should Expect in an Anesthesia Partner

Shared Goals - By outsourcing your anesthesia services, you run the risk of having a detached, unengaged group.  If the group performs services purely with a contractor's mindset, a disconnect occurs between your anesthesia providers, surgeons and OR staff.  MedStream knows an anesthesia department is most effective at providing quality patient care, problem-solving with the OR staff, reducing expenses and growing referrals through true collaboration with the hospital and embracing its goals.

Leadership - While your anesthesia providers may be competent, they may wish to focus solely on the clinical component of their job.  However, without a group leader the anesthesia department is operating in a vacuum and missing opportunities to resolve performance issues, establish best practices and ensure services are as efficient as possible.  MedStream identifies and cultivates departmental leaders who will oversee an effective partnership with the hospital financially, clinically and strategically.  Would your OR benefit from a partner like this?

Flexibility - Many hospitals share common challeges but each has a unique solution.  Rather than forcing a standard service model on the OR, a true anesthsia partner will customize a solution designed to implement and sustain improved service for that specific facility. Innovation and flexibility are necessary to respond to the constant challenges and changes presented to hospital leadership, including service line providers.  MedStream has grown (now with 28 practice sites across the southeast) specifically because we understand the need for and delivery of tailored solutions.

Accountability - It can be easy to commit to a service agreement but often harder to get out of it what you were expecting.  MedStream retains our clients because we do what we say we will. Administrators observe improved departmental performance.  Surgeons experience quicker turn-around times.  OR staff see more effective scheduling.  Do you have one-phone call accountability with your current providers?

Effectiveness - Frequently, employed anesthesia providers may be accustomed to doing things the way they've always been done.  Some outsourced groups perform similarly, without inspiration or leadership to instill effective change.  MedStream client administrators will attest their case volumes grow once MedStream is appointed the anesthesia partner.  Anesthesia providers will confirm they enjoy an optimized working environment.  Surgeons and OR staff will experience more efficient patient through-put.  Patients will have an overall improved experience, which will generate increased referrals.  Are you seeking a more effective anesthesia partner?

Learn how MedStream can deliver a more effective, accountable anesthesia service in true partnership with your hospital.


MedStream ensures excellence through anesthesia management to improve patient care and optimize financial performance. We deliver the clinical, operational and financial capability few anesthesia practice management firms can offer.

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