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May 27, 2015

Improving the Patient Experience

Each person associated with your hospital has the ability to increase patient satisfaction.  That initiative should not rest solely on the shoulders of one leader.  The CFO should examine opportunities to decrease length of hospitalization, which ensures the patient is home sooner but also reduces hospital expenses.  The OR Director must expect efficient scheduling of surgical sites.  While this will ensure cases start on time and patients are in recovery sooner, it also means quicker room turnover times and less staffing expense.  The COO or CMO who is responsible for the monthly case review to the hospital board can credit efficient patient through-put for higher patient satisfaction, improved community favorability, increased surgical referrals and heightened recruitment strength.

These are just a few of the reasons hospital leadership should expect staff and outsourced providers to embrace their goal of improving the patient experience.  Your anesthesia partner is no exception.  A highly functioning anesthesia department should be able to (and should want to) support the initiatives outlined above.  MedStream collaborates with our clients to achieve these benchmarks, find out how.


MedStream ensures excellence through anesthesia management to improve patient care and optimize financial performance. We deliver the clinical, operational and financial capability few anesthesia practice management firms can offer.

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