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June 20, 2017

Poll Confirms Hospitals Seek to Outsource and Optimize

You aren't the only hospital administrator searching for an innovative solution to cost reduction.  According to a poll conducted this past February by Economist Intelligence Unit:

  • 58% of those surveyed are committed to lessening the "need for high-cost talent"
  • 29% of those surveyed stated their primary goal is "partnering with other hospitals/hospital groups to create economies of scale"

MedStream regularly speaks to administrators like you.  We engage with them to identify opportunities for efficiencies, then our onsite team oversees a smooth transition process.  

Hospital administrators value our commitment to quality and typically observe a reduction in expenses.  Medical staff enjoy partnering with our collaborative anesthesia providers.  Patients experience an improved service at our practice sites.  Start the discussion many of your peers are having and achieve the transformation your facility and your community deserve.


MedStream ensures excellence through anesthesia management to improve patient care and optimize financial performance. We deliver the clinical, operational and financial capability few anesthesia practice management firms can offer.

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Click To Request an introduction or confidential assessment

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