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April 09, 2015

The Long-Standing Anesthesia Contract

As we meet with hospital leadership, it's very common to hear that they have abided by an anesthesia contract with the same group for many years.  Often, this is stated with confidence that because they've been doing it the same way for so many years, it must be good.

In fact, the long-standing anesthesia providers may be very good.  More often, however, a long-standing group has long-standing procedures that don't reflect the current CMS requirements (like an electronic health record), or that don't accommodate recent changes to community needs (like a pain program or using anesthesia for endoscopies) or that drive unnecessary expenses (like staffing inefficiencies).  MedStream can work with your current providers to increase OR efficiency, reduce expenses and monitor quality metrics.  Most importantly, we can do this while facilitating a seamless transition for surgeons, OR staff and patients. 

Do you have a long-standing anesthesia contract?  Contact us to explore how easy change can be.


MedStream ensures excellence through anesthesia management to improve patient care and optimize financial performance. We deliver the clinical, operational and financial capability few anesthesia practice management firms can offer.

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