Maryellengibbons Individual
Mary Ellen Gibbons, CRNA | Clinical Regional Director

Each Regional Director for Clinical Services provides clinical and administrative leadership at multiple facilities across the MedStream footprint. In this role, Mary Ellen Gibbons identifies and shares proven best practices, creating a consistent service model that can be scaled across numerous facilities. Mary Ellen enjoys the duality of this role, stating, “This position combines the best aspects of clinical and administrative roles. I am able to bridge the gap between remote sites while also serving as a liaison back to MedStream’s corporate office.”

In working clinically with our providers and the medical staff at each hospital, Mary Ellen has developed a network of teammates united in delivering quality service. “When I travel, I can establish personal relationships and essentially develop an expanded family of providers. I enjoy the one-on-one communication at each site, learning and collaborating for shared success.”


  • BSN Nursing, University of Texas, Austin
  • Masters of Nursing, Duke School of Anesthesia
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